Oasis Kakurezato

Project Overview: A captivating brand identity and design approach inspired by the “hidden village”.

Unveiling the hidden charm of Oasis Kakurezato

Oasis Kakurezato is a hidden gem among culinary delights, a small Japanese restaurant nestled in Sheung Wan. Specializing in the art of yakitori and sake, Oasis Kakurezato captures the essence of a hidden village, inviting patrons to embark on a unique gastronomic adventure. Step into this oasis of flavors and discover a world where ordinary boundaries fade away, leaving only extraordinary culinary experiences in their wake.

Oasis Kakurezato
Oasis Kakurezato
The Challenge: Crafting a Captivating Brand Identity and Design Elements within a Limited Budget

Oasis Kakurezato approached us with the goal of creating a captivating brand identity and design elements that would reflect the essence of their name, "a hidden village." Our challenge was to develop a cohesive visual identity and manage various printing requirements while working within a limited budget.

Our Solution: Infusing the concept of a "Speak Easy" into the Brand Identity and Meticulous Graphic Design

Embracing the "Speak Easy" concept as our guiding inspiration, we drew inspiration from some of Hong Kong’s best hidden bars and speakeasies and embarked on a design thinking journey to craft a brand identity that would capture the allure and mystery of Oasis Kakurezato. Our creative process involved meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the brand conveyed a sense of exclusivity and fascination. We delved into graphic design, meticulously creating elements such as menus, posters, and stationery, while staying true to the theme of a hidden village.

The Result: The Fusion of a Hidden Village Concept, Captivating Brand visuals, and Carefully Crafted Design Elements Elevated Oasis Kakurezato into a Culinary Oasis

Through our innovative approach, we transformed Oasis Kakurezato into a hidden gem that intrigued and delighted patrons. The incorporation of the "Speak Easy" concept into the brand identity and design elements enhanced the overall dining experience, capturing the imagination of visitors. The diverse range of printed materials, crafted with precision, added a touch of sophistication to the restaurant's ambiance.

Working with Oasis Kakurezato was an immensely rewarding experience. We were thrilled to bring their hidden village concept to life, creating a visually stunning and cohesive brand identity that captured the essence of their unique dining experience.

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